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About Pro Drum Loops

Pro Drum Loops was started by a team of some of the top award-winning record producers and remixers in the world to bring quality drum loops to songwriters. The founders realized that other companies were bundling drum loops into digital drum kits that were inconsistent in quality and precision. By ensuring that all percussion and drum sounds were created and engineered from scratch, it gives Pro Drum Loops the leading edge in the industry. For remixers, songwriters, producers, and DJs, we are the source for up-to-date drum loops inspired by today’s biggest hit songs. Our drum loops for songwriters are numbered and labelled so that you can rebuild your favorite song's complete structure from start to finish.

To understand what we offer, you have to understand how we create our digital drum kits. Our producers create the entire original percussive instrumentation and song structure using the highest quality midi drum sounds. After the song is laid out, they engineer and fine-tune each and every drum sound while utilizing industry-leading plugins and effects. Our audio engineer team finalizes each mix by using a light touch of mastering to remove any harsh frequencies and to ensure consistent sound quality throughout. The Pro Drum Loops packaging team takes care to chop up and properly label every drum loop so that you can use them immediately in your music production software. Each drum loops kit is created to be as versatile as possible in order to use them in any digital audio workstation (DAW).

Pro Drum Loops covers many different musical genres including Hip Hop, Trap, Dance, EDM, Reggaeton, Pop, Country, Rock, and Alternative. Our drum loops are chock-full of rhythmic intensity and sure to inspire. Pro Drum Loops are royalty free, and you can freely use them over and over in any of your commercial or private projects.