Topline Thing

Drake batteria di loop ispirati al brano "Hotline Bling"


You used to call me on my cellphone. Get the nastiest hip hop drum loops inspired by the hit single "Hotline Bling" by Drake originally produced by Nineteen85! Download them now for any software like Apple Garageband, Logic Pro X, Logic Pro 9, Ableton, or Pro Tools. You can even download the drum loops kit of WAVs for software such as Fruity Loops, Reason, and many more! Make sure to snatch up these filthy drum loops in the style of Drake's "Hotline Bling" now!

Drum Kit Info

Artista originale Drake
Canzone originale Hotline Bling
Produttore originale Nineteen85
Anno di rilascio 2015
Tempo 135 (o 67,5) BPM
Genere Hip Hop / Trap
Formato del file AIFF o WAV
Dimensione del file 63 MB

Loop di batteria inclusi

  • Intro
  • Intro Hook
  • Verso 1
  • Gancio 1
  • Verso 2
  • Gancio 2
  • ponte
  • Gancio 3
  • outro
  • Dissolvenza
  • Hi-hat
  • Hi-Cappelli e orlo
  • Calci 1
  • Calci 2
  • Percussioni 1
  • Percussione 2
  • Percussioni 3
  • Snaps
  • Rullante 1
  • Rullante 2
  • Top Loop Clap
  • Top Loop No Kick 1
  • Top Loop No Kick 2


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