Multiple hit rate boost from the same side, Omega or Normal, are additive with each other, up to a maximum of 100%. Other Damage Types: Plain Damage | Bonus Damage | Supplemental Damage let all = group.querySelector('label[data-value="*"]'); for (let i = 1; i <= 7; i++) expected from normal operations). for (let e = element; e; e = e.parentElement) return true; Following the table, their associated EX modifiers are respectively +11% and +23%. motocal (Granblue Fantasy ATK Calculator) Guide to using Motocal (by ZuruiKonzatsu) Github. const getPageFilterGroup = function(element) { I want to announce that motocal begins to support English. if (fval.indexOf(ev2data) >= 0) { const filterOwned2 = typeof filters["short-id"] == "object" ? } This page was last edited on 8 July 2020, at 11:48. } else if (!hasVisibleContent && !e.classList.contains('hide')) { continue; // Generate filter UI return element.pageFilterGroupID; for (const entry of entries) { let rules = document.querySelectorAll('.filterable-divider'); This tool will help you to. }; for (const value of values) { = '1px'; Building Basic Grids is a good way to progress as a player, but fine-tuning complex grids can require experimentation or the use of simulators. The damage formula is important to understand once you have completed your first weapon grid and find a new Omega SSR weapon or draw one during a Premium Gala. for (const f of container.dataset.onlyFilter.match(/[^, ]+/g)) { Deals bonus water DMG for one-foe one-ally attacks. 35 (decimal) A typical hardware implementation (LFSR - Linear Feedback Shift Register) is shown here: Dr.-Ing. if (collection === null) return false; return false; } if (filters.length <= 0) if (entries.length <= 1) continue; const elementSelector = elementSelectors.join(',') if (getPageFilterGroup(p) != updateGroup) continue; label.appendChild(document.createTextNode(groupName)); let hasVisibleContent = false, lastVisibleDivider = false, lastHiddenDivider = false; label.className = "mw-ui-button mw-ui-disabled label"; However, keep in mind that these are only generic rules, and it can be hard to find the optimal setup when taking into account all the possible weapons skills, character skills and summons. result[i] = binary.charCodeAt(i); Knowing your overall strength level isn't trivial in Granblue Fantasy. mcg/kg/min, mcg/min, or mg/kg/hr. for (const fg of filterDefinitions) { if (tr.offsetHeight >= oh && oh > 0) { collectableType = collectableType == 's' ? Changelog: Added new normal critical calculation. let M = {}; The social determinants of health essay is it possible to write a research paper in one day, essay on dahej pratha in hindi for class 9, virtual library research papers, oedipus complex essay dissertation topics eu law. filterDataKeys[filterID] = filterID.replace(/-([a-z])/g, function(_, a) { return a.toUpperCase(); } ) if (container.dataset.skipFilters) { if (!hasDistinctValues) continue; Some contribute to the 4 main Boost categories by complexifying the formulas, e.g. const CollectionTrackerState = window.CollectionTrackerState; evos |= (buffer[i*3 ] << 0); 3 Ancient Auberons gives you 3 x 5% = 15% chance to crit. ['c', 's'].forEach(function(type) { const matchingChild = clickedElement.closest(childSelector); let opts = document.createElement('div'); opts.appendChild(b); for (const element of elements) { }; let short_id = '' + rarity + ('000'+(i*8+j)).slice(-3); if (e.dataset && e.dataset.pageFilterGroupId) For comparison purposes, the results for three prevalent formulas used for estimating GFR are provided. Critical hit rate, unlike how it is commonly defined in other RPGs, is a random chance to deal additional damage, only to enemies weak to the damage's element or enemies without an element, on a separate damage multiplier.Because of this limitation, it means critical hit rate is useless against the other 5 elements. } You can identify them thanks to the Ω present in the top left of the weapon skill icon. Example: You have one Chop-Chop skill level 6 (big modifier) and one True Phantom Demon Blade skill level 15 (massive modifier) in your grid. const dataKey = groupData.replace(/-([a-z])/g, function(_, a) { return a.toUpperCase(); } ); Determine the amount of medication per mL. The Hill-RBF Calculator is an advanced, self-validating method for IOL power selection employing pattern recognition and sophisticated data interpolation. Omega weapon skills are present on several farmable weapons, mainly dropped from Omega Raids and Impossible Omega II Raids. lastVisibleDivider.classList.toggle('hide', true); 400/250 = 1.6 mg/mL 2. BMR Calculator. return result; 'c': {2: parts[3], 3: parts[2], 4: parts[1]}, } else { What's this about multiplication and addition? for (let i = 0, j; i < rules.length; i++) { K. Gorontzi, 2005: Some weapon skills contribute to completely separate Boost categories, e.g. parts[i] = ''; group.querySelectorAll('label').forEach(function(sibling) { } container.appendChild(div); addEventForChild(document, 'click', '.page-filter-group .items > label:not(.mw-ui-disabled)', function(event, label) { lastHiddenDivider = false; }); if (ev && ev.indexOf(",")) { If your element is weak to the enemy's element, your Elemental boost gets -25%. (function() { b.dataset.value = groupList[i+1]; }; The value of each boost category is computed using all the modifiers of that category. if (evo <= 0) To calculate the hourly rate (ml/hr), you may utilize the following formulas: Dose (in mcg/kg/min) x wt (in kg) x drug volume in ml x 60 (min/hr) = ml/hr . }; A narrative essay elements. refilter(filterGroup); proc at the same time, Silva's damage will be boosted by 75% + 30% = 105%.[1]. // page setup below this point } For detailed information, check the Detailed Formula article. As for weapon skills, some skills create new multiplicative Boost categories, some contribute to the existing Boosts. Also provides some insight on Primal grids. DMG Cap Up (Stackable), Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. if (lastVisibleDivider && lastHiddenDivider) { For example, if both level 75 Silva's  TacticianGain 50% / 50% Critical Hit Rate UpDMG is slightly boosted for critical hitsStrength: 50% chance of dealing 50% more damage.Duration: 3 turns.At level 75:Buff increased to 75% / 75% Critical Hit Rate UpDMG is slightly boosted for critical hitsStrength: 75% chance of dealing 75% more damage.Duration: 3 turns. }); ;(function() { For simplicity's sake in this section, we will consider that characters are neither buffed nor debuffed. for (let rarity = 2; rarity < 5; rarity++) { Press RETURN or the Calculate button below to see the CRC checksum here: $ 23 (hexadecimal) % 00100011 (binary, see calculation details here)! let fval = filters[fkey]; result.push(value); all.classList.add('mw-ui-progressive'); Example: If you have two level 150 Ixaba at skill level 15 (massive modifier, +22% each) and one 0★ Agni main summon (+80%), your Normal weapon boost is 44%, your Normal summon modifier is 180%, resulting in a Normal boost of 100% + (44% × 180%) = 179.20%. The base damage is based on the character's ATK stat, modified by a boost factor. } "; try { label.classList.toggle('mw-ui-progressive'); #1 Veterinary Apps Drug Calculator. sibling.classList.remove('mw-ui-progressive'); if (getPageFilterGroup(entry) != filterGroup) continue; let groupName = g[0], groupData = g[1], groupList = g[2]; How many mcg/kg/min is the patient receiving? } const getFilterElement = function(filterID, groupID) { const elements = document.querySelectorAll(elementSelector); The bonus provided by each EX weapon depends on the "strength" of its EX skill (small, medium, big or massive) and the weapon's skill level, following the EX table in the Weapon Skills page. } style.appendChild(document.createTextNode('tr.hide {display: none}')); This number takes into account your double attack, triple attack, and critical hit rates as well as ougi/charge attack damage. hasEntry[fv] = true; 'use strict'; } The greatest common factor of two or more whole numbers is the largest whole number that divides evenly into each of the numbers. ATK is simply the sum of all the grid weapons' and summons ATK values, each weapon ATK being modified by an increased 20% if it matches that character's proficiency. skipFilters[f] = true; Stops enemy's charge diamonds from filling. if (j < i) continue; Niyon and 4* Odin are ways to give a crit buff to the entire team. document.querySelectorAll('.page-filter-group .items > label:first-child').forEach(function(label) { label.classList.add('mw-ui-progressive'); }); hasVisibleContent = false; Damage Formula: Basic Concepts | Detailed Formula | Damage Cap | Examples and Guidelines. } if (element.dataset[fkey] === '*') continue; What if you have the rate and need to calculate the dose: Example #4 Your 70 kg patient has dopamine (400 mg in 250 mL) running at 26 mL/hour.