Taking your hamster to the vet Or acorn, BUT ONLY  if you can find a very large one that he can’t fit into his cheeks. Junie The area in your house where you keep the cage needs to be in a calm area. Table of Contents So do hamsters climb ?Hamsters have so much energy to burnClimbing toys for your hamster friendA word from Teddy Hamsters are often impulse buys – purchased at short notice with little or no planning – or surprise gifts. Doing so, however, puts their lives in danger. Especially the babies, under 12 weeks of age. Don’t change your hamster’s sleep schedule I know us hammies look cute with out cheeks full. He will take anywhere between a few days and a few weeks to trust you. They’re almost always unpredictable, and seem not to care if they survive a climb or any special endeavor. Always clean your hands before handling the hammy You see, hamsters don’t see very well but rely a whole lot on their sense of smell. Only go near the cage to provide food. Mice, like hamsters and rats, have poor eyesight and as a result they can’t really judge distances and heights. hamsters need a certain temp to feel comfortable. The article continues after the image.). Emma Watery foods, like cucumber, watermelon, zucchini, grapes (more about safe foods here) can trigger diarrhea in your hammy. Senior hammies can’t move very well, and can’t clean themselves as well as they used to. Yes, plain, unsweetened peanut butter is safe for hamsters to eat. If you touch them, it alters their smell and can confuse the mother so she doesn’t recognize the babies as her own. If the hamster is overly hunched – hamsters rarely stand up straight, their backbone is different than ours – or very very slow. Even for humans they can be a bit hazardous, and should not be eaten often or in large amounts. But, a peanut every now and hen, like a couple of times a week is alright. It is at all possible to change your hamster’s sleeping pattern, and you’ll find plenty of guides on how to do that. Best store bought exercise toys for hamsters Common problems with hamster cheek pouches The thing about peanut butter is that it’s sticky, and requires lots of cleanup. The wheel itself is not heavy, so your hamster will be able to spin it well enough. Place toilet paper somewhere in the cage so the mother can build a nest. Finding and holding onto a good vet is no joke. It really depends on where you live, the vet himself, the treatment the hamster needs, for how long, and so on. You’re probably very tired all the time, though. Teddy is our first ever hamster, and almost everything we know, we’ve learned from him. What do hamster cheek pouches do ? Then he comes back later, and so on. One hamster will always be more dominant, and might start bullying the submissive one. Here’s how to make sure your hamster has a minimal-to-none stress. Pulling the seeds from the sprig will provide a source of entertainment. That means your need to follow a few steps in the first place. Tippy Since it is organic and exclusively fruit, your hammy might go through it fairly fast but he’s sure to love it. Let the creature rest peacefully. All 3 rodents are great with mazes. Will the mother eat the babies since I did that? If you really want to, you can house a pair of Dwarf hamsters,  but that often doesn’t end well. This may confuse the mother, causing her to not recognize the babies as her own, or she may suddenly consider them defective. So why do hamsters eat their babies ? Feed the twine through all those holes, making a know after each new piece. I’ll give you a couple of examples here. Sometimes it’s cute, sometimes you’ll wonder why you got yourself into this. You can find out more about hamster cages here, since you’ll get a rundown of all cage types and which is best for your hammy. Wet-tail, usually the Syrian hamsters. What makes a hamster toy the ‘best toy’ ? Peanut butter is just crushed and pureed peanuts, and that’s alright for hammies. The hamster can try to get all of it out, but sometimes it just literally gets stuck. You can put them in your hamster’s cage as is. Hamsters fart. This includes his usual food mix, dry oats, a very small piece of dry bread. Hamsters are meant to be dry, clean animals, and any discharge is a sign of severe infection. Their cages need to have plenty of hiding places, so they can feel safe. He’ll tend to understand you better, and sometimes even sit still when you need him to, or when you just want to keep him cuddled in your arms. Trixie mother. More on hamster hibernation and the risk of keeping them in too cold a room. Once you notice the mother is approaching her due date (18-22 days after mating), start giving her much more food than usual, and bedding and nesting material as well. I have no other explanation for this. Hold him by the scruff of the neck (it will not hurt) and with an eye dropper place a drop of water on his lips. A mother's relation to her children is dictated largely -- almost exclusively -- by scent. Further, keeping the hamster wheel in the cage risks the mother over-exercising herself and lead her to drop on and kill her babies Hamster mothers … Boy If the baby is not weaned yet, you can not touch it because the mother will reject it and then definitely eat it. If the baby hamsters are found to be unhealthy or sick, then the Hamsters may eat them away. Hamsters need the rest, because they are always on high alert, and quite high strung. So, even if your hammy could technically eat a plain Pringle (no salt, though), he’d get shards everywhere and it’s not a good idea. I know us hammies seem to sleep a lot, but it’s just the time difference between us. Your hammy does that too. Hamsters originated in the Middle East and southeastern Europe. And hamsters do not like to be held this much or in that position, so they will squirm a bit. The more the better, since the hamster will have a lot of fun digging around. Actual wet tail is hard to diagnose, since the symptoms are many and it could not be just wet tail. He still wants to know everything that’s going on, and will investigate thoroughly. They all eat mostly grains, with some fruit and vegetables thrown in for good measure. Or maybe you notice that one of your dwarf hammies is looking a bit odd. Conversely keep pets, small children, loud noises, and general ruckus away from the hamster’s cage or room. Isolate the pregnant female from other hamsters, pets, people, and other distractions. Why does the mother hamster eat its offspring? Then there’s the fact that hamsters are okay with humans handling them, but there is such a thing as too much for them. This is a video explaining some of the reasons why a Hamster would eat her newborns. Sometimes the best toys are the ones you can make from toilet rolls and a bit of creativity. This is more difficult with the smaller breeds, so every breed except for the Syrian. Unfortunately, not everybody does this. When it comes to toys and objects inside their cages, all 3 rodents need plenty of things to play with. walnuts He does need a bit of exercise, but this is where his exercise wheel comes to the rescue. Hamsters do a whole lot of sleeping for being such small creatures. Chewing toys for your hamster In some cases, due to circumstances of force majeure, they can be weaned even earlier. You can check the 5 best hamster cages (for Syrians and Dwarf types) and see what I mean. Wet tail is mostly brought on by severe stress, which triggers unwanted changes in the hamster’s intestinal flora. Rats are social too, but they should be kept with a buddy if you can’t talk to them or handle them often. Boomer Evelyn Rats and mice will go for hammocks, or maybe ladders, suspended bridges, and so on. Table of Contents So can hamsters eat peanuts ?Hamsters eat lots of nuts and seeds in the wildIs peanut butter safe for hamsters ?Safe nuts and seeds for your hamsterUnsafe nuts and seeds to keep away from your hamsterCommercial food mixes have plenty of safe nuts and seedsA word from Teddy Hamsters make great pets, but they are very sensitive. Be careful what you feed your hammy though, since very sharp or crumbly foods can give him a cut and cause serious problems in his cheeks. Peanuts are alright, as long as they’re plain, and are in small amounts and not often. At the end you should have a series of walnut halves, pieces of wood, all on a long piece of twine. You can look at him through both sides since 2 are transparent. All of the conducted studies have failed to establish a clear cause why mother hamsters eat their offspring, but they have been able to develop different theories that would explain the reasons leading to this behavior. The male sand goby fish is responsible for raising the young that he produces with two females at a time—but he’ll eat up to one-third of the eggs before they’ve hatched. You will notice she eats much more, and doesn’t exercise as much. Table of Contents How the hamster’s cheek pouches workHammies store food and nesting material in their cheeksThe cheeks are emptied when the hamsters reach their nestWhy hamsters have cheek pouches at allCommon problems with hamster cheek pouchesImpacted cheek pouchAbscess in the pouchTumorsEverted (inside-out) cheek pouchesHow to make sure your hamster’s cheeks are safe and healthyA word from Teddy There are a few reasons a hamster mother might eat her young, and here they are: These are mostly reasons that can be avoided, or can be worked on so the mother is comfortable. Hamish The old bits will have your hammy’s scent, and make it much less annoying for him to rebuild. This will make him even harder to handle or tame, which is completely against what you’re trying. This can be checked by handling your hamster, and you’ll notice through his very soft fur if there is anything hard or lumpy under the fur. The hamster can eat and run with his cheeks full, with no problem. Hamsters are very susceptible to stress-related illnesses. How To Prevent Hamsters from Eating their babies. He did just wake up, after all. He’s very well muscled, and will scale every inch of his cage. They can grow bored very easily, and need a whole lot of toys. We got this idea from Pethelpful.com and thought it’s actually a great way to let fate decide. Well, again, there isn’t much evidence pointing yes or no. For example something very extremely dry, like the crust on some bread types. More than that and he is in danger of overheating, which he probably already is given his infection. It’s not something hamsters do, unlike bunnies. Luckily, when the hamsters are kept as pets, the owners can prevent the situation. Do keep in mind that the serving sizes vary from animal to animal. You do a whole lot of moving in your sleep as well, so don’t be surprised if your hamster is not very different. Napoleon Pearl A word from Teddy Female hamsters are in heat every few days, during the night, so they can be mated at any point. Strong smell – wet tail smells, and it’s hard to miss. I hope I gave you enough options to choose from, so you can make your little friend happy. The usual life of a hamster in the wild can be pretty … wild. But once they grow up (3 months-ish) you’ll realize you’ve either got a Rambo type (all over the place, exploring, trying to intimidate you, not staying still) or the world’s laziest and relaxed furball. So actually seeing the hamster will not be easy. So their toys need to be safe. Do not touch the pups until they are at least 14 days old. But what about your domestic, furry little friend sleeping in his cage ? If you tilt a male a bit back while you told him, you might even notice his testicles around his tail. How to treat wet tail Then, place bits of food or hamster treats on top of each name – like a piece of carrot, a peanut, a bit of cooked chicken, or something else from this safe foods list. Only go near the cage to provide food. This can lead to a series of health problems. I know it was complete news to me that hamsters are part spider. Whatever name you end up giving your hamster, you need to interact with him often. By the time they are two weeks old their eyes are open and they have a thick coat of fur. If you touch the babies, you leave your scent on them. That means you’ve got an equal chance at a docile, hazy hamster as well as a snappy, irritable one. My Teddy isn’t a digger, so I have no bright ideas for digging toys, but I will tell you this. Especially if it’s a female you will want to breed later. By forcing your hamster to stay up during the day, you’re putting a lot of bright daylight on his eyes. He will try to escape, chew through a part of the cage you’d never expect, or just wait for the perfect moment when you’re opening his cage to take him out. Even if he uses them for nesting purposes, it still happens. This happens when the hamster can’t empty his cheeks completely. Mother hamsters usually eat their babies because they feel threatened and cannot protect them. They don’t have to drop their food anymore. This is mostly due to accidents, like her biting too hard on the baby when she tries to pick him up. Place a sprig of millet in the cage for the babies and their mother. Hamsters are solitary animals. My Teddy has a couple of walnuts he usually plays with, and he’s always trying to get them open. Place a bit of food in the smallest one, and place as many boxes as you can inside the other, like a russian doll.