Get the Strap-on

Drum Loops inspired by the song "Get the Strap" by Uncle Murda ft. Casanova, 6ix9ine, & 50 Cent


Get this murderous hip hop drum loops kit inspired by Uncle Murda’s hit single “Get the Strap” feat. Casanova, 6ix9ine, & 50 Cent! Our Get the Strap drum kit is bleeding with 19 hard-hitting drum loops for that Uncle Murda vibe! Download them now for any software like Apple Garageband, Logic Pro X, Logic Pro 9, Ableton, or Pro Tools. You can even download the drum loops kit of WAVs for software such as FL Studio, Reason, and many more! Make sure to get this killer hip hop drum loops kit in the style of Uncle Murda’s song “Get the Strap” ft. Casanova, 6ix9ine, & 50 Cent now!

Drum Kit Info

Year of Release 2018
Tempo 82 BPM
Genre Hip Hop / Trap
File Format AIFF or WAV
File Size 83 MB

Drum Loops Included

  • Intro
  • Chorus 1
  • Post-Chorus 1
  • Verse 1
  • Verse 2
  • Chorus 2
  • Post-Chorus 2
  • Verse 3
  • Chorus 3
  • Hi-Hat 1
  • Hi-Hat 2
  • Hi-Hat 3
  • Hi-Hat 4
  • Kick
  • Ride
  • Snare 1
  • Snare 2
  • Tom Fill
  • Trip Hop Snare


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