Identify the ID of the assessment report by running the following command. Enable forwarding of protocol access events to syslog. Modifies a groupnet which defines the DNS settings applied to services that connect through the groupnet. Simultaneously flushes the DNS cache of each groupnet that has enabled DNS caching. Adds the max-password-age argument option for the OneFS isi auth config list command. Cancels a replication job created according to dailySync. Creates an NDMP user account called NDMPuser. DNS will then ask Isilon. Displays or sets the current date and time on the cluster. Enables writes to the target directory of SmartLockSync. Transcript. isi nfs settings export modify –max-file-size 1099511627776. Check for errors in NFS exports, conflicting export rules, invalid paths, etc. displays the configuration details for the hadoop-HDPUser. isi network pools view ProdGroupNet.subnetX.ProdPool1. List the GUIDs of clusters that are accessible for SyncIQ failover or restore operations. Displays the properties of an individual snapshot. isi antivirus quarantine /ifs/data/badFile.txt. If the user security mode is enabled, users who connect to a share from an SMB client must provide a valid username with proper credentials. access, migrate data, integrate with other applications, and monitor an EMC Isilon cluster. Create a  policy that causes specific files to be scanned for viruses each time the policy is run. isi nfs aliases delete /home –zone hq-home. Resumes DNS query responses for an IP address pool. Using VMM, on the fabric workspace from the storage area, right-click on providers and add a storage device. The information gathered here applies to OneFS Displays information about a set of files, including the requested protection, current. Displays the HDFS settings in the ProdZone access zone. Note: We do not recommend that you disable SMBv2 or SMBv3. Deletes keys from an MIT Kerberos provider. Displays settings for a specific Fibre Channel port. Displays a list of data drives in a node. isi network subnets modify ProdGroupNet.subnetX \ –add-dsr-addrs= Displays current information on the status of the cluster. Modify the name and expiration date of a snapshot. Modifies global external network settings on the EMC Isilon cluster. Sets the block size to 256 KB in the DevZone access zone  (Suffixes K, M, and G are allowed). Deletes the alias /home in an access zone named hq-home. The cluster does not have to … Shows the logging level for the NFS service. Manually rebalances a specific IP address pool. Adds support for Cobra-E drive firmware version A350. View the current default export settings. Displays the list of files matched by the specified CloudPools job. The SMB protocol uses security identifiers (SIDs) for authorization data. Delete any access zone except the built-in System zone. isi snapshot aliases delete { | –all} [–force] [–verbose]. When a file or directory is created, OneFS checks the access control list (ACL) of its parent directory. isi antivirus servers modify icap:// –enabled no, isi antivirus servers delete icap:// Sets the checksum type to crc32 in the DevZone access zone. Configures OneFS to delete antivirus reports older than 12 weeks. Displays the properties of an Active Directory provider. Adds support for Cobra-E drive firmware version A350. isi network groupnet modify ProdGroupNet \ –add-dns-servers= –dns-options=rotate, Modifies ProdGroupNet to support a second DNS server and to enable rotation through the configured DNS resolvers. First of list the current export settings and find the id of /ifs (usually it is at no.1 in the list) ... #isi smb shares list. isi network pools modify ProdGroupNet.subnetX.ProdPool1 \ –sc-connect-policy=conn_count. RFC3530 (NFSv4) specifications. SMB Shares Displays the list of SMB shares available within the selected access zone, in table format. Lists SSD compatibilities that have been created. Changes the name of the pool from pool3 to ProdPool1. isi hdfs racks modify /hdfs-rack2 –new-name=/hdfs-rack5 –zone=DevZone. Provides current usage information for the root user. Configure SMB share settings specific to each access zone. Enables forwarding of system configuration changes. Creates an SSD class compatibility for Isilon S200 nodes that have different capacity SSDs. Enablessource-based routing on the cluster. Thanks for putting this together. Displays a list of users or groups that are prohibited from accessing the /ifs directory. View information about replication policies. Starts a MultiScan job with a priority of 8 and a high impact policy. isi storagepool nodepools modify PROD_ARCHIVE –remove-lnns 7,9. isi antivirus settings modify –scan-on-close true \ –path-prefixes /ifs/data/media. isi snapshot snapshots delete –snapshot newSnap1, isi snapshot schedules modify hourly_media_snap –duration 14D. isi nfs client list ... Isilon-Users Re: List hosts mounting NFS exports: Daniel Cornel: 3/14/14 7:54 AM: In 7.1 this has changed to isi nfs nlm sessions list. ... Isilon network topology. Displays a list of MIT Kerberos domain mappings. Displays information about a replication performance rule. Configures the alias LatestWeekly for the snapshot schedule WeeklySnapshot. Creates a SnapRevert domain for /ifs/data/media. Displays a list of quota notification rules. Adds and connects to an ICAP server at isi antivirus servers modify icap:// –enabled yes. What is EMC’s CAVA / Common Event Enabler? I have seen slowness when SPNS are not set up properly. isi storagepool nodepools modify PROJECT-TEST –lnns 3-4, 11. This issue does not occur if you disable the SMB2 protocol on the client or use a Windows SMB client, such as Windows XP or Windows Server 2003. Low impact and anytime operation. Modify any setting for a file provider, including its name. isi sync recovery allow-write dailySync_mirror. isi hdfs proxyusers delete hadoop-HDPUser –zone=ProdZone. Specifies the interface name as int-b and enables it. Updates the priority and impact policy of an active job. Deletes user or group permissions for an SMB share. Checks for missing service principal names (SPNs) for an MIT Kerberos provider. Creates a custom policy defining a specific time frame and impact level. OneFS supports both user and anonymous security modes. isi job types modify mediascan –schedule ‘every Saturday at 09:00’ –force. isi auth local user list -n="ntdom\username" -v # list isilon local mapping isi auth mapping delete --source-sid=S-1-5-21-1202660629-813497703-682003330-518282 --target-uid=1000014 --2way # should delete the sid to uid mapping, both ways. iprange int-b This topic contains resources for getting answers to questions about products. Displays a list of read-only status by node. List of products that support the proprietary Server Message Block protocol of Microsoft.. Implementations. Configures OneFS to scan files and directories under /ifs/data/media when they are closed. ABCDocs, that user cannot access the file even if originally granted read and/or write privileges to the file. Below is a table of Isilon port usage and the OneFS services that use them. See full list on wragg. Adds an IPv4 static route to ProdPool1 and assigns the route to all network interfaces that are members of the pool. View the detailed settings in a file pool policy template. The quota configuration file displays as raw XML. Parana Impact provides you the Email List that you are exactly looking for. Outputs a CSV-formatted list of jobs to a file in the /ifs/data path. isi snapshot locks create SnapshotApril2016 –expires 1M \ –comment “Maintenance Lock”. Reboots one or more nodes, specified by LNN. Adds one or more service principal names (SPNs) for a machine account. Does BackupExec have a solution? isi network rules modify ProdGroupNet.subnetX.ProdPool1.rule7 \ –name=rule7accelerator. View a list of current FTP configuration settings. isi network pools modify Pnet1.snet3.ProdPool1 –add-static-routes= Configures OneFS to scan only files with the .txt extension. View a list of all snapshot aliases by running the following command. Displays identity mapping settings in an access zone. file1.txt does not have share privileges on isi antivirus settings modify –glob-filters-enabled true \ –glob-filters .txt. Collects and uploads the most recent cluster log information to ESRS. Specifies SmartConnect DNS aliases in ProdPool1 under subnetX and ProdGroupNet. /ifs directory is configured as an SMB share and is enabled by default. Cancel a replication job that is targeting the local cluster. Creates a network traffic rule that limits bandwidth (100 KB per second from 9AM to 5PM weekdays). SMB shares provide Windows clients network access to file system resources on the cluster. Displays information about a tape or media changer device. If you backup software does not yet use the API itself, you can use the list and feed it into your backup client for faster backups. Enables VLAN tagging on subnetX under ProdGroupNet, sets VLAN ID to 256. isi network subnets modify ProdGroupNet.subnetX \ –vlan-enabled=false. Identify the name of the channel that you want to view. Are SPNS registered for the isilon for the shares attempting to be accessed? Run the isi config command, The command-line prompt changes to indicate that you are in the isi config subsystem. Disables a performance rule with an ID of bw-0. Creates or updates keys for an MIT Kerberos provider. These packets can be broadly view the default NDMP settings for a path. Creates an informative quota for the /test_1 directory. Replicates the source directory of dailySync according to snapshot HourlyBackup_07-15-2013_23.00. View the status of all NVRAM batteries and charging systems on the node. Creates a SmartQuotas email mapping rule. isi snapshot aliases create latestWeekly Weekly-01-30-2017. isi hdfs settings modify –default-checksum-type=crc32 –zone=DevZone. isi zone zones modify –add-auth-providers : isi zone zones modify DevZone –clear-auth-providers. Displays a list of configured audit topics, which are internal collections of audit data. The SMB protocol uses security identifiers (SIDs) for authorization data. Welcome back to another episode of Isilon Quick Tip and today we ‘re actually going to map a shared drive using SMB so think of your windows environment being able to set up shares for home directories to share data between it maybe share files between some sort of organization and today we ‘re going to actually look at how to do that through the protocols isi job jobs list –format csv > /ifs/data/joblist.csv. Deletes an existing IP address range from the int-a internal network. Displays provider status,available authentication providers, and which are functioning. Creates a SyncIQ domain for /ifs/data/source. E.g. isi smb shares list: Displays a list of SMB shares. isi hdfs settings modify –authentication-mode=simple_only –DevZone. Isilon 101 isilon stores both windows sid and unix uid/gid with each file. Lists the service principal names (SPNs) and keys registered for an MIT Kerberos provider. This is a matter of consistent and correct management: if you create or modify a share on the primary Isilon, do the same on the secondary Isilon. How would I string together CLI entries for: list every external network interface, with each interface listing every connected client to it Smartfails a drive so you can remove it from a node. Changes rule7 so that it applies only to backup accelerator nodes. View the global NFS settings that are applied to all nodes in the cluster. Displays a list of service principal names (SPNs) that are registered against a machine account. Modifies the global settings of an MIT Kerberos authentication provider. Identify the alert ID of the alert that you want to view. Eeletes dailySync from the source cluster. isi snapshot locks modify SnapshotApril2014 1 –expires 3D. Adds a node pool named PROD-PROJECT to a tier. View the drive firmware status of drives on a specific node. with group SIDs and a list of privileges as illustrated in the following figure: Microsoft User Access Token The SID is written in the following format: (SID)-(revision level)-(identifier-authority)-(subauthority1)-(subauthority2)-(etc) As an example, consider the following SID: S-1-5-21-1004336348-1177238915-682003330-512 • Revision level (1) This command removes a node with a logical node number (LNN) of 3. More SSIPs provide redundancy and reduce failure points in the client … Delete a virtual HDFS rack from an access zone. First of list the current export settings and find the id of /ifs (usually it is at no.1 in the list) ... #isi smb shares list. If a user has access granted to a file system, but not to the share on which it resides, that user will not be able to access the file system regardless of privileges. Displays performance information by drive. Displays information about completed replication jobs targeting the local cluster. Information on the CloudPool named cah_s3_cp. Disable SMBv2 or SMBv3 only as a temporary troubleshooting measure. isi quota quotas modify /ifs/dir-1 user –linked=false –user=admin. isi file-filter settings modify –zone=DevZone \ file-filtering-enabled=yes file-filter-type=allow \. As Mike told, you can use isi statistics to get some statistic type data. Displays a statistical summary of active jobs in the Job Engine queue. isi alert list. Displays a table of logical node number (LNN), device ID, and internal IP address for. Specifies manual rebalancing of IP addresses in ProdPool1 under ProdGroupNet.subnet 3. Removes a restriction that prohibits user or group access to the /ifs directory. Displays a list of job types and default settings. Modifies node provisioning rules settings. Enables file filtering in DevZone and denies users write access only to specific file types. availability enabled. Modifies the password of a user named NDMPuser. Displays a list of the members of a role. shares on the cluster. List of clients waiting to place a Network Lock Manager (NLM) lock on a currently locked file.
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