Sorry lost your previous reply . And of course always try a test area first. Three coats applied will last around 5 years although south facing can be reduced depending on the weather it is exposed to long term. A little sanding and hard work can pay off! The Ral colours are not available in sample sizes as they are mixed to order and are non refundable or returnable unless faulty, this does make it difficult to try test areas, and we always recommend these at Wood Finishes Direct, as the wood that you are applying to will impact on the finish that will be achieved. George. Alternatively you could consider an exterior oil such as Barrettine Decking Oil or Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain , this will penetrate the surface of the wood to give a moisture repellent surface. PPG ProLuxe Natural SRD Exterior Wood Finish … I thought it may be a good opportunity to protect these and wondered which product would be best. Hi Hi there We are about to have it clad along with the wooden windows to be replaced with UPVC. Via our contact us page. Thanks, Sarah. Wet or Green Oak has a high moisture content. It will always be best to apply to well prepared bare wood, however this product can be applied to previously stains timber, lightly abrade, in the direction of the grain, ensuring not to break through the surface coating, and removing any remaining sanding dust afterwards. As with all of our products a test area is recommended and a clear oil will darken the wood very slightly to give the ‘wet look’ and you can get an idea of this by wiping a damp cloth over the bare wood. As Staffordshire’s leading supplier and installer of attention-grabbing driveway gates, BK Timber has a rich knowledge of the best treatments for external wood. You can simply re apply a coat without the need to sand back, just ensure the door is clean and dry. Thanks in advance. In planning my layout I left the wood on their bases, and came back from a heavy rain shower to find both woods had bled tannins over the render. Can you advise?? Later today I will use wood filler to repair where I’ve had to remove rotten wood. If you take a look at those and see if they may suit your needs, always try a test area first if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to get in touch via our contact us page, I will be happy to help. The oil can be topped up regularly to maintain the protective qualities, if you are able to make the sheeting removable. At the moment it is covered with a dark oak stain. I chose culprinol wood preserver to go under osmo UV protector for a clear finish. One this is dry you can consider the Barrettine Log Cabin Treatment which is an oil that will soak into the surface of the wood and leave it looking and feeling natural. If you take a look at these and feel free to get back to me with any questions you may have. It will darken the wood slightly to give what we call the ‘wet look’ and you can get an idea of this by wiping a damp cloth over the surface of the wood. I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I have to say that this is a set of requirement that I have not come across before when it comes to treating a Log Cabin, they are very specific. To protect the wood from biological threats such as mould, algae, wood rot and insect attack we recommend treating the wood with 2 coats of wax-free preservative such as Barrettine Premier Universal Preserver. Cleaning And Treatment Of Linoleum, Rubber, Pvc. I am about to replace the ,ship-lap T&G ,external wood surround on my bungalow,about 100 m linear length . Wood (2) Timber (1) ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ( 454 ) Product code: 68513 Wood Protective Treatment 5L Clear £19.12. And test areas as always are recommended to ensure you like the finish that will be achieved and because we do not get many inquiries about Horse Chestnut its important to see how the oil works on this particular wood. You may be looking for a clear oil to enhance the natural beauty of cedar cladding or an opaque coloured finish to create a statement look. These two will give a long lasting protection to the wood. It can also be sprayed so application is quick and easy. I saw your comments above about 6 monthly treatments with linseed oil but I’d like something that’s more maintenance-free which can bring out the grain a little and enhance the natural colour of the wood. Then a top coat of exterior oil to give moisture repellency and slow down the silvering process of UV damage and for this there is a wide range of products but a couple to consider are the Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra this requires just two very thin coats for application. This will give a durable and longer lasting finish. These two products will give exceptional durability and enhance the natural beauty and depth of the grain. What product would you recommend? The main benefit of this product is that they are simple to apply and maintain. Typically used to prevent infestation and rot, these treatments will provide you with the ability to preserve wooden surfaces, whilst also helping you achieve your desired finish. I don’t have an orbital sander, so was wondering if I could apply the wood preserver and oil onto the rough wood without sanding, or does it need to be sanded for the oil to penetrate. Owatrol provide a range of products for all exterior wood care needs. John. Splash some water at the wood and see if it beads off the wood, if it does then there is likely something on the wood that is still protecting it. According to the supplier it has to be recoated after 1 year so can you please suggests the best system for doing it? I’d like to oil preserve it. Pay special attention to any cut ends such as the bottom of the legs that are in contact with the ground. Simply grab your gloves and apply with a good quality paintbrush or cloth. This will help to prevent mould, mildew and rot. You can then follow this with a top coat of Decking Oil that will repel moisture and for an oil that will also slow down UV damage you could have a look at the Barrettine Decking Oil which comes in a clear or coloured finish and it is fair to say that when you apply a coloured finish this will improve the level of UV protection that the wood gets. Wood Cleaning And Treatment. Hello Samatha, Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It can depend on the type of wood, some hardwoods are naturally oily and would benefit for a wipe over with Methylated Spirits first. It can be difficult to narrow down a suitable product when you are unsure of the current finish, this often happens when people move into new properties. I have a 5m x 3m timber workshop which is one year old and is clad in smooth finish natural colour boarding. One side of the shelter is soaked through to the inside and not getting chance to dry out. Any other options you would suggest? we have a new external sliding door in the barn, made of spruce wood. Transform your outdoor space with our selection of exterior paint and woodcare products. Suitable for both interior and exterior use. I am here to help should need any further advice. Exterior wood has a lot to put up with. I constructed a pergola and rather that shingle I used fiberglass. The door is in a porch so has some protection. Just had a new tanalised garden shed fitted. Each. Based on other advice you have given we are planning to treat these with Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra. You could have a look at the Preservative to be applied first. The first is the Sikkens HLS Plus this is a solvent based stain that will offer a long, durable and flexible finish. For alternatives or further advice please do not hesitate to get in touch. For exterior wood not in direct contact to soil or surface water. If the preservative that they have applied contains wax this will cause problems for application of many treatments including the Osmo above and paints. Modern exterior wood coatings are flexible and durable which you will rarely need to strip back to the bare wood if maintained correctly. Thanks for any help you can provide. What would be the best protection to put on it? A clear water-based wood preserver suitable for new and bare timber. I have sanded the fiberglass in preparation of painting with acrylic water proofing and sealer. I have just had a new decking built. Exterior Wood Cladding Treatment & Finishes. Test areas are vital to ensure you are getting the finish you desire and that the product is right for your wood, this oil requires application to bare wood. At B&Q we carry a huge range of options from trusted brands like Dulux, Ronseal and Colours to help you get the job done. I am planning to finish a garden room/office with (untreated) red wood tongue and groove cladding, which I will then treat with a wood preserver and finish with oil/paint. If you have a read up of the products and feel free to come back to me if you have any further questions. 4 products found Select products per page (page gets refreshed) 24 results per page 48 results per page 96 results per page 200 results per page Can you tell me what is the best clear water proofer for a workshop made of planed Tanalised timber. However with a lot of sanding and planeing I now have a beautiful light coloured oak step….. It may be possible to apply a paint over the top and this will give an opaque finish to the wood that will cover the dark stain, it is essential to carry out a test area first, The test area is to check not only that you will like the colour but also that there are no compatibility or adhesion issues. From stripping, cleaning and preparing wood to protection, decoration and maintenance, Owatrol products are proven to provide outstanding results. Is it moisture repellent, if you splash some water at it does it bead off or soak in? Can you suggest anything, is it better to stain or seal? Hi Samantha Resins For Floors And Coverings. Sanding the wood some, will help to reduce the amount of product absorbed but can be a difficult job with fencing and not something that I would necessarily recommend. To slow down the silvering effect of UV damage you could also look at the UV Protection Oil Extra this is a durable oil that requires just two thin coats for application. There are many product that you are able to consider for your project. As an estimet you will need to cover 40 m2 for your Cabin, this will require approximately 9-10 litre of the oil to complete 2 coats. Is this suitable for external use? We want the fence to have a painted grey finish, although we don’t mind if it is a light grey or a darker, more anthracite, grey. Hi, can you help please, we have recently moved to a new property and we have a double garage made if wood, it has weathered as it under trees etc and needs treating, it appears to have some sort of wood stain on it which is fairly dark (walnut colour which we are happy with)the side and back are turning green which appears to be a light moss we have started rubbing this down with a grit sand paper, there is no rot anywhere that we can see, but don’t have a clue what we should paint it/treat it with and wondered if you could recommend the best product/products to use at this stage on it, we are wanting to keep it looking natural with something that will last and so we don’t have to repaint it too often there are loads of birds and squirrels around it look forward to any advice you may have? The insides of the doors/windows are in okay condition but the exterior surfaces are in bad condition so that doors/windows get soaked from rain and swell/jam making them difficult to open/close (after a decent hot spell allowing things to dry out they become easier to open/close again). Enhances the appearance of wood. What type of filler would you recommend ? I suspect that the 125ml tin will be plenty for you and if stored well can be used for maintenance coat years down the line. Set your store to see local availability Add to Cart. Thank you for getting in touch with us via our Blog. It’s a 10’x8′ apex shed in Tanalised wood. All exterior doors are protected by a roof overhang and wwould rarely get wet except for a windy storm. FREE next … And also contains some wax to help make the wood moisture repellent. Osmo do not recommend it for horizontal surfaces, however for a bench I believe you will be fine, just ensure that you keep it maintained and add refresher coats when you feel that the wood needs it. Thank you for getting in touch with your questions. Alternatively, Barrettine Premier Universal Preserver is a good alternative as it also does not contain any wax. I have a wooden front porch and the timber along part of the base has rotted, I don’t want to renew the wood but would like to fill and paint over. Thanks very much, Thank you. Barrettine Wood Preservative is perfectly safe to use on any surface that comes into contact with animals when dry. Wood oils are very forgiving for patch repairs meaning that localised areas of wear are very easy to repair and blend in with the surrounding areas. I want to try and keep the posts a natural lighter colour. You could have a look at the Barrettine Premier Wood Preservative this is a great all rounder, it protects against mould, mildew and rot and also contains some wax to repel moisture. The beams and planks also extend to the exterior where they cross the stone walls, and there is also some pine planking outside on some of the vertical surfaces, for example just below the guttering. This combination will also give a good, moisture repellent finish to the wood. The bench will be exposed to full sun and the elements all year. Alkyd paint is suitable for treating exterior wood. They are currently covered in ronseal satin stain and looking a bit tatty. This is a extremely durable and flexible varnish that is ideal for exterior use. This is especially true if the wood’s been coated in a film-forming finish because sooner or later these always peel. Our website uses cookies to help us deliver a better browsing experience - discover how or close this message. I would strongly recommend a test area first as you have hard wood and you need to ensure that the UV Protection will soak in. Is it okay to apply oil and wood preservative to rough sawn timber? To maintain current look would like good UV protection to avoid silvering – planters colour looks better after rain so some partial wet look would be a bonus. You can get in touch via our contact us page and I can advice you further. Don’t forget we are the leading supplier of driveway gates and bespoke joinery for customers across Staffordshire and Cheshire. For wood preservative (clear) One coat to outside faces of exterior walls; One coat to inside faces of exterior walls; One coat to both faces of partition walls; One coat to underside of roof boards; Total length (in metres) of exterior … Thank you for getting in touch with your enquiry. Geoff. These oils will offer a moisture repellent finish to the wood, however, no finish will prevent scratches or dents, if the wood is impacted with some force it will still dent no matter what product you apply. Wickes Deal £14 a tin or buy two for £22. Enhances the appearance of wood. Taiga Exterior Wood pressure treats lumber and timbers to above ground, ground contact and in-ground structural use categories using the most effective and environmentally conscious preservatives that we can find – and trust. Could you give me some brand names as well. Although designed for exterior joinery such as windows and doors, these products have been used on exterior, smooth planned timber constructions with success. If your new fence panels have been treated with a wood preserver there is no need to treat them again being new but there’s also no harm in applying an additional wood preserver if you wish to. It is fine to apply a wood preservative and then a wood oil, once the wood preservative has fully dried, to rough sawn timber. My first recommendation would be to apply a Preservative first. We have a wide range of options for project like this and if you would like to get in touch with some further details, of type and condition of the wood? Many thanks Oak is one of the most low maintenance woods used in construction, although when used for exterior purposes oak still reacts to the elements. Thank you for getting in touch with your enquiry. eg by soaking them in preservative before either painting again, or whether to strip them down completely? Hi I have bought a used wooden garden set – the seller told me he used – Both brands are very good and it will depend on the look you are hoping to achieve. The reason for this is that thresholds and steps can get a lot of foot traffic and even though it is protected by your porch it will still need a product that can stand up to everyday footfall. The first is the Barrettine Decking Oil although marketed for decking it is a very versatile product and can be used for a wide range of exterior project. I have quite old wooden windows that have been maintained, since new, with sikkens cetol hls plus and cetol filter 7 . Since the resin epoxy is clear it is difficult to pinpoint where the exposed areas may be but primarily on corners. Sample sachets are available and I would definitely recommend these as the wood that you are applying to will impact on the over all finish. Thank you for your question, we have two exterior opaque finishing products that come in a wide range of colours. And of course always try a test area first. Apr 17, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Eco Wood Treatment. Any wood exposed to moisture is at risk of infection by fungi. Thanks. I would like to add a clear coat to further protect whilst maintaining the original colouring, and to seal ends and crosscuts made into the timber. You could have a look the Sadolin Classic Wood Protection as an option there is a variety of colours available including the Light Oak and Natural. A deep penetrating oil/solvent based wood protective tr ...Read more. Or paint now and repeat in spring? Feel free to email me with an further information or questions at, I have apple tree slices from the trunk of my old tree .. I’m turning one into an outside stool what would be the best way to preserve this please. These are both exterior ranges and so for the interior if you would like to look at a product such as the Fiddes Hard Wax Oil which will give a natural look and feel and will be easy to maintain over time. They work by penetrating then drying in the surface grain of the wood which provides a tough, durable and weather-resistant surface. It will not last for five years however you can simply apply a fresh coat when you feel the wood needs it, this can depend on exposure to the elements and there will be no need to strip or sand back, just ensure that the surface is clean and dry. And finally I would wait for better weather. Alternatively, much cheaper 2 coats of Barrettine wood preserver, and 2 coats of Barrettine log cabin treatment. Hi , I have a new corner shed /summerhouse fitted under conifers and will get a lot of damp in the future , I will use the Barrettine wood preserver on the viewed parts of the shed , what if I were to use a more sealed type of coating like a roof coating to keep out the damp on the hidden sides of the shed or would this starve the wood and make it dry out. Do you mean the Ronseal Fence Life ? It is available in a range of colours and will last around two years with a 3 coat system, before you will need to consider applying a top up coat. More Info. Wood treatment products including wood sealers, wood coatings and related products for both interior and exterior wood items Perfect as a pre-treatment before applying a wood stain, paint or other wood finish. Home How many coats and is it recommended to dilute the first, primer coat? We have a green oak framed extension and use the Osmo UV on that – it looks great and is doing a good job. A clear oil will darken slightly to give what we call the ‘wet look’ and this will bring the appearance of the wood back to life. Can you help please? However, with our range of high quality woodcare, we can help preserve timber and protect any wooden surfaces and keep them looking great for longer. collection. Then test areas to ensure good adhesion and that you like the colour. The battens are sawn, not planed or sanded, and are untreated. The ideal product for your project will be the Cuprinol Garden Shades This has a wide range of colours that will suit your needs and can last for up to 5 years. I hope this helps and do feel free to get back to me if you have any questions. I am sorry to say that building sheds and what to use is not my field of expertise. The tin will need stirring all the way to the bottom to ensure the pigment is evenly distributed throughout the liquid, often pigments will sink to the bottom of the tin resulting in a slightly washed out look at the top. Is there a better product which would last longer? Mahogany being a red in tone wood will be prone to fading slightly quicker than usual as this can be the nature of the colour red. They will simple wear away naturally and give a shorter time span of protection. Kind Regards. Cedar shingle tend to not require a finish, certainly not immediately any how. I hope the above helps but if you have any further questions about your project or which products to use, please feel free to contact us at any time. We would like a walnut colour but happy to keep the light green pre-treated colour. Ideally we’d like to keep the wooden look. I coated this with linseed oil, which looked fantastic, but it has started to go mouldy and black – especially at the bottom. At Taiga Exterior Wood, we serve retail building supply centres throughout the western United States and Canada. Regards, David. I worry that some sanded areas may have exposed the untreated wood beneath. Many thanks If the post is inside the porch then a couple of thin coats of Hard Wax Oil will give a natural and durable finish to the wood. For a further step of protection you could also consider the application of an oil, this will repel moisture far better than the preservative and so in turn also protect the preservative. I know i will add preservative first, but what concerns me is what paint/protection to use that are compatible and UV stable.
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