He wanted to stay home. My husband was 54. A quote helps us put our own thoughts and feelings into perspective, it allows us to use the words of others to communicate or to convey a message, and it helps us to feel a sense of commonality when we find our feelings, experiences, and observations match those of another. Marie  February 27, 2016 at 10:46 pm Reply. Grief changes us. You’re in my prayers. But the different I WANT can’t happen. We were happy in our way, when we lived just in the moment, In this world of our own. I hope you find some happiness and love in your life. She was a person who lit up rooms, immensely charismatic and funny and capable. https://whatsyourgrief.com/grieving-suicide-death/. John Holland  January 7, 2020 at 5:12 am Reply. We hope something here resonates with you and feel free to steal and share any of these images with your grieving family and friends. I am having a cryey day today and its days like this that I find this website so good in helping me to sort out and articulate the mess of my internal emotions and irrational thoughts. I talk to people. I had to take him to the ER with what I thought was pneumonia and he never left. I just dont think I’ became a better person. After her incomprehensible death I had much to do so soldiered on, as you do, shell shocked, in deep inconsolable, endless anguish. Her death has left such a big hole in my heart. It can be hard to know exactly what to say or do to help comfort that person in their time of need. I sense you have a strong faith and even though it has been tested by death and disease, it will not die. She’d been my best friend and we’d done much on our own together in strange and lonesome places as my dad had travelled us round the world with his work when we were young. Grief gives us feelings of sadness, heartbreak, and remorse to name only a few. I can understand what you are saying as I too suddenly lost my husband September 4th 2015. Actions Speak Louder Than Words. See more ideas about grief quotes, loss grief quotes, grief. Therein do men from children nothing differ. The bond of love will bring us together again! I am forever changed. I will always remember her last text to me that day while I was in class. I do think that happening and my illness (making me a hermit_in extreme pain-due to drug addicts causing my once amount of med\now cut in half which equals poor quality of life. thank you I needed to vent… ppl r tired of my pain n think I should be OK by now… he was my best friend n the only man I ever fell n love with I still feel like it’s wrong to date wtf uugghhhhhh…. With only roughly 6 hours of sleep in the past 4 days and only hours since her passing, my grief is still fresh but I wanted to reply to your comment because like you my mom was a part of my daily life. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on 3/1/18 and passed away 6/7/18. I’m almost 20 years older, already broken. I am still in shock and overwhelmed and consumed by grief. But my heart is so torn apart I feel like its giving up .. but I have 5 children whom depend on me yet I feel so worthless for them like I’m bringing them all down because I cant stay strong for them .. lord help me I’m dying with all this heart ache.. thank you all for sharing for this is the first time I am sharing my thoughts,feelings.. i need healing fast before i leave my babies worse than i am, Louise snippert  January 8, 2019 at 10:04 am Reply. Thank you & God bless. Thank you for sharing your story. I am so lost and want to be where he is. 2 Of My Sisters Now are fighting over Life Insurance Policy and her belonging!! Thank you for your post on my post… Two years after my husband’s accident I am still on my way, with ups and downs. She loved me. We know how important it is to lend a piece of your heart and pay your respects, while being thoughtful, mindful, and open with your condolences. I’ve known my husband since I was just 11 years old and I am 34 now. She was revived 5 times from her home and to the time she died in the hospital 5 hours later. If you haven’t looked for one of those, please consider trying that. I can’t accomplish anything it seems. Questioning even the life you have. Words of Comfort For Sympathy Here are some tips and ideas so that you can write words of comfort in your sympathy cards and letters when someone has died. I didn’t even get to tell him i love him. I’m so sorry for your loss Kay. The pain is just too much to handle to the extent that i wish i could have been the one in her place .She might have passed away along time ago but my heart will never heal from that because everyday feels like her death happened a few hours ago.I will always love my mother . He was everything to me, my life, my dreams…life is definitely not the same. Rozelle M Watson  June 9, 2018 at 12:49 pm Reply. He was my firstborn child. . He had been clean and relapsed. Jesus Help Me!!!!! Here, you will find a select collection of comforting, inspirational poems about death, grief, and loss. It happened so fast, that I couldn’t prepare for it. Dr. Beth Hewett understands the pain and anguish of grief all too well: in recent years, Beth has lost her brother, sister, both parents, and in-laws. It is an emotional, physical and spiritual necessity, the price you pay for love. Last week he was holding me and I started crying. We have no cause of death as yet likely sudden cardiac but the knowledge of being with him that whole day & then him dying when I went to work on his own haunts me. Feel some people trivialise the children’s and my grief. His friend started screaming when he found him. I met a nice man some time ago – he’s in love with me, I’m not sure if I’m ready yet. My prayers are with you. I never got it. Take care of yourself ❤️, Lauren  September 20, 2017 at 3:01 pm Reply, Lisa I know the feeling your going through I lost my fiancé Dec 21, 2016 and I still feel lost and heartbroken ? Thanks for sharing. To be known. I’m not that. I so believe that it is only people who have experienced this pain who can truly understand about the journey on the road we don’t want to be on to a place we don’t want to go ! Before I was able to live and work and survive but now I feel alone without strength. 19 years after losing my 2 youngest children through a family murder/extended suicid, I am able to read through these quotes with ease and find the one that best describes my situation. It was my only comfort, to imagine her still by my side, as ever, yearning, as on one of our day-long meanderings of old. Susan, The opening of your heart and sharing of the sadness it has endured is incredible. The worst are the dreams that his alive. I will leave you with knowing their is way forward, upward and out of your sorrow. The best piece of advice I got was to catch any tiny ray of light but probably for you it’s too early to see them. It changes over time but does not end. I feel I can’t bear it. So basically my job involved her and my social circle involved her along with her being my mom. I am starting to understand loss but only slowly, my father is dying, last he had heard his doctor said his kidneys were only at seven percent function, if I were older I could donate my kidney and help. In less than two years after that, just yesterday my brother-in-law died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest after just checking into ER for stomach pains. I wish I had done more, I know Ryan forgives, I know God forgives me. One day the sun will shine again, but i’ll be busy until then…. So close. This is another type of grieving for me, seeing your loved ones mourning their loved ones. The lifting of oppressive weather started to help some, the lighter days, the warmer weather, but now the observance is here. No need to show your stupidity…. He was injured while in the military and she really helped us deal and get thru the days. You have a long road ahead of you but try to remember your not alone. I suggest you check out this article: https://whatsyourgrief.com/grieving-suicide-death/ I’m hoping this community brings you some comfort by showing you that you’re not alone. I feel your pain. He had been my other soul mate. I felt her pain one day in April-she didn’t want visitors anymore -2 hours away nobody is stopping me. I don’t understand it myself.” I continued on with the service, knowing that even after the service would end, I would not be able to go see him because of not having my car. I will always love him and will keep the memories close to my heart. My memories are what keeps me going. The WYG website and resources helped me a lot, especially the podcasts. It’s not just about the words of course. I lost my father 3 weeks ago and I’m just starting to understand my grief and where it will take me…, Cate M  August 12, 2016 at 11:30 pm Reply. What really has helped my friend and me to cope with his tragic death is that she has reached out to so many other children in need. I do not know what tomorrow holds, but I know who holds my tomorrow. You will always be on it mind and forever in my heart FOREVER AND EVER BABY!! Thank you for these quotes and sayings, I found it while looking for something to send to my sister in her mourning. The Internet just seemed plastered with inspirational platitudes pasted on pictures of sunsets and rainbows. I won’t believe any of it since reading what Stephen King said: “People always want a reason for the bad things that happen; sometimes there ain’t one.” People may think that’s cold comfort but I find it more consoling to hear that than “it was God’s will.” That sounds and feels barbaric to me. It was a great time, in its way; just me and Mammy in the old familiar family home, walking the coast and country together every day, a little shopping, lunches and afternoon teas, but mostly, walking sea and hill and dale, talking, admiring over and over the sky, the waves, the trees, the seasonal changes; and over the same homely memories. Just 4 years ago my husband was killed leaving behind myself & our son so I was even more grateful to have my mom on top of my usual gratefulness to have her. A few words is often all you need to show someone that you care. Praying I can find a Grieving Counselor soon, to tell with all these emotions!!! It’s an unbearable pain. Mom is the first person to kiss you. Grief is very personal to each of us and so there can be no one method to help all; but if one message or one phrase can bring a gentle peace of mind and heart to those feeling grief's sorrow, then that is a good thing to hope for. Sarah Cooper  January 30, 2019 at 8:34 pm Reply. The quotes and comments here have helped me feel less alone. Lost my husband a month ago…can’t sleep at night …the grief is consuming me ..My son (7)Just keep asking questions and sometimes feeling down ..I don’t even know how to begin and start all over again …the pain is consuming. A tall lamp was knocked over and broken. 8. On some level we must have known these were the mast of days. Lajla Abrams  August 26, 2016 at 7:16 pm Reply. Those people will have to live w the fact that they stood aside or stood in the way… the injured and loving son gets to live knowing he gave his all. It was such a shock! I lost my dad last year in May. They were not my children. That fact alone , is enough to carry one through any grief that one could experience. I suppose, having lost everyone else (all the grandparents, aunties and uncles, all, all were gone), made us greatly appreciate our time together. HIs death was also likely preventable and that hurts, I haven’t reached acceptance yet I’m still stuck holding on to what was and can’t ever be again. The next day he was found dead by his best friend, who was also his landlord. peggy ruby edwards  June 25, 2016 at 8:45 pm Reply, Cassie, I always thought we would get a few more vacations in before one of us had to go first. It’s just sad to hear you moved on and wanted to start a new family. I think it is amazing that the baby, now 7 remembers his papaw and often tells me that he misses him. You have plenty of room in your heart to love the one you lost and the one you found. Again thank you & God bless you and your mom. It’s best to stop talking to them about your son and save it for a counselor. Time doesn’t heal only the end heals. RELATED: 15 Comforting Bible Verses About Death & Loss. He was only 30 when he passed over. Then I made it a year and met someone that reminded me of my love-I met him at a psychiatrists office. She looked so peaceful as she must have known it was finally going to be done. and so when it does, we suffer so much, for so long, forgetting that in next to no time we will be gone too. Grieving becomes a part of us. My Dad died at 69…and no one had any more grief than I did. It’s living hell. Lots of prayers-she made it one year and the worst year I have ever seen anyone go through chemo. I am lost in the world without my son. why did god take someone that meant so much? About the Author. He was a great fisherman, he was very well known in Pinellas County Fl, Bahamas, Dry Tortugus and private islands owned by the rich and famous. That was still not enough time. I never got a Happy Birthday from her The past 5 years. I go through the whole range of emotions everyday. God bless u all. But I know what you mean, I feel like I’m losing my mind knowing I’ll never see my son come through our door and head straight to the fridge, open and then close it almost immediately. My son graduates from community college tomorrow and I will need to force myself to get it together and hide my despair and find the strength to put on a brave face so I can make it thru the ceremony. I feel the same. Lost my soul mate to a sudden death age 35 – miss him beyond words I wouldn’t wish this type of pain on anyone I feel broken in two. As a friend pointed out, this is the second “first anniversary” of his death, something I had not realized, because like my friend’s father’s death, it happened on a Holiday that changes dates from year to year. With a little thought, you can find comforting phrases that express exactly what you want to say to comfort a grieving friend or family member. We’ll have so much to talk about In Heaven. Even though he had ALS and we knew he did not have much time. The man I was referring to is still around and still in love with me but I am not fully ready yet, still need a lot of time on my own or with friends, trying to sort my internal mess out. He was burned over97% of his body. I have found that no one can understand your grief like someone else who has been through it. Just in case you would be need of a shoulder to cry on or just someone to talk to, Please know that I’d like to be there for you holding a safe space. Just the thought of having to face another day and try to continue to work so I can have a roof over my head fills me with fear and dread. She was my closest confident and I was also her carer. May God bless u all and may all see the light at the end of the tunnel . People sometimes take me for fifteen years or so less and I am fit and healthy and slim and up to my virtues still had modeling offers so I’m not old, old; yet I am. Loss of a Pet. May the Lord fill u with his peace and may u find comfort in his rest, J brillhart  October 28, 2017 at 5:22 pm Reply. cherish every second of your life as you will never know when it may end. We were both experiencing the same medical problems and both diagnosed with cancer within 2 days of each other. I don’t know you but my thoughts are with you, and I wish for you that you can hold on to some sense of hope. I lost my husband if 36 years on 7/22/17. Then there are all the accurate old established words: sorrow, anguish and suffering are at the top of my list. It was as if I was thrown off the planet and forgotten by her. It’s so Hard getting thru without being able to Make amends! He had a friend go in with him because he had a bad feeling when the phone AND knocking on the door brought no results. However, those whom we love and want so much to live by my side always can never be lost because they use to live in our hearts and they can never be separated from us until we loss ourself! The Internet just seemed plastered with inspirational platitudes pasted on pictures of sunsets and rainbows. N. East  March 27, 2019 at 6:59 pm Reply. Hi Jeanne I know your pain; I lost my son almost two years ago, also. I am living for Him and my God. Nhlanhla  January 7, 2019 at 12:05 pm Reply. I miss him so. He beat them to the top.) I wish you all the best. Our home is not the same without him. Keep your head up sweetie. I walked the country fields and city streets endlessly, talking to her spirit. Her last phone message to me was horrible, and unbelievable. I wrote you letters but you never responded. I didn’t make sense without her. We've arranged the synonyms in length order so that they are easier to find. He didn’t come back. He did a wonderful job taken care of his mother and mentally challenged sister . Tayler  August 20, 2016 at 7:36 pm Reply. He was on his back. Meanwhile my job, my work, the grindings of responsibilities was becoming more demanding and Machiavellian machinations were afoot and socially things were kicking off badly and I was still fully in the the aftermath of my sister’s death and hardly yet able to process that loss so that my most beloved dad’s death seemed muted and foggy and rushed unsatisfactorily acknowledged and respected. I called and texted as I was leaving…nothing…. We lived for each other. My hope is that you'll find solace and some form of peace through these uplifting quotes about grief, the healing process, and the reality that this pain you are feeling also means that you were lucky enough to have love in your life. It was his father’s mission in life he grow up here. A few minutes later he came up to my head & curled up around me cuddling up to my face not minding the tears and put his face close to mine and there he stayed until quite a long while later I cried myself to sleep. I hope that you are actively engaging in self-care, partnering with your health care providers and looking at all the vast options to take care of you first. We were told by the doctor just 6 days ago that her test results showed she had stage 4 rectal cancer which had spread to both lungs, lymph nodes & stomach. It seems so empty. I need to know what that you still think of me. Julie  January 14, 2019 at 12:48 pm Reply. Our Relationship was rocking the last year. But I do treasure our every moment together and I always have…None of us are promised a tomorrow! There was nobody to care, about yesterday’s work discussions or my big night out. Grief has no end …. I love him and I miss him so much. I then had to tell my poor old mam and dad and everybody else. “It’s a divine gift to find the light inside while in the midst of despair.” Unknown author, Diana Combs  August 24, 2017 at 10:13 am Reply, Craig Stephen Gilders The Love Of My Life One Day We Will Be Together Again, GRISWOLD LISA  July 27, 2017 at 6:28 am Reply, I have just lost the love of my life five days ago… He was on his way home from work when a drunk driver hit him head on causing the airbag to deploy and than setting the car on fire. I’ve read several books on how to make sense of your grief but at times it just seems so unbearable because I fall backwards. I like what Stephen King said in his book ‘Revival.’ After the scene in which the reverend’s 6-y.o son gets hit by a car and dies. Jude Hersey  September 4, 2016 at 8:00 pm Reply, I lost my cherished husband May 30, 2016 after knowing each other for almost 60 years. He was a preacher, writer, sportsman, finance advisor and so much more. In next 14 months I lost my father. I had no time to deal with the shock of such terrible news because less than 2 days later my mom took a turn for the worse and went from being her usual alert self to confused & struggling to breathe & then started her rapid decline until her death 4 days later. He was a good man, a good husband to his wife, a good son to his mother and a good brother to his younger brother. I have no mother, father, sister, brother (I never had), child (I never had), husband or partner. I lost a good friend to alcoholism a year and a half ago, since that day I have seen his family come undone. I have learned a lot bout the disease of addiction since then. Fina Iudici  June 6, 2019 at 1:01 am Reply. It seems he went unconscious and aspirated on his vomit. I’m sorry for your loss.. My condolence would never fill the gap occurred in your life. Today around 5:30 in the morning my mom passed away. But your post has given me a comfort, knowing that another knows. Time doesn’t heal only the end heals. It can be challenging to find the right words to offer support, comfort, and empathy. I have nightmares of her trying to make it out like she did. I need to go on for my children, although it’s hard, that’s an understatement, I will go on for them. I lost the man I love. I’m deeply sorry for you, can only relate and let you know you are not alone and life goes on but this is too early for you. Can’t say anymore now because I can’t see the keyboard from crying .I love,love love you. Really really alone. Recipient of the Association for Death Education and Counseling's Death Educator Award, he serves as the Director of the Center for Loss and Life Transition, in Fort Collins, Colorado. Yes lots of feelings can co-exist, some time I even feel I am just free!
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